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Thread: leg length discrepancy? question for Linda

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    shoe style

    Hi Everyone: I've been trying to figure out this leg length discrepancy problem too; since my daughters' curve measures 5 degrees less with a lift.

    Yesterday, I was having her fitted for shoes and one fairly knowledgable shoe salesman contradicted the other fairly knowledgeable shoe salesman. Her left, flat foot pronates; adding to the length problem.
    This is what I found out; can someone confirm this: I was told to put her in rigid lassed (sp?) shoes with the flat bottoms for stabilization vs. more fitted tennis style with arch. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Megan

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    meagain, does your daughter wear a custom orthotic in her left shoe?
    My concern with having no arch support built into the shoe is that with feet that pronate you put more strain on the knees (they pull on the medial side of the legs to the knees) and can cause shin splints to flare up.
    I personally have feet that pronate and HAVE to buy shoes with an arch support. I also currently wear arch supports that are bought over the counter, but may be getting some custom orthotics soon due to a recent finding of leg length discrepancy (Lt. leg shorter by 1.5 cm).
    If you have any concern about which knowledgable sales person is right I would consult with her primary care doctor or podiatrist (if she has one). Good luck in the search for shoes.

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    shoe support

    CurvySAT05: Just saw your post and yes she has custom foot levelers that we're working on getting right, (arch built up.)

    She's worn her new (rigid, flat, lassed) tennis for a week now and states that she feels more supported in them. They just don't let the ankle turn in. Once we add a little to the foot leveler arch we'll then see if she needs any height to be level.

    Thanks for your advice, I can't feel what she does and can't always tell what works. Megan

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    using heel lift causes sciatica

    I am 53 and have idiopathic scoliosis (probably from adolescence). About 15 years ago a podiatrist made me some orthotics . I had a 3/4 inch elevation made for the shorter leg. Shortly after, I developed severe sciatica . My orthopedic surgeon said that the orthotics threw my body out of alignment. He said to not use the orthotics.Any opinions out there?


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