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    I am so happy now. THe whole summer i was so nervous about wearing my brace to school and now i have worn it and i feel so confortable wearing it at school. Not everyone knows but thats ok. I do have a few questions though. I do go to a school where you have to wear uniform and finding shirts without logos has been very hard I was wondering if any of you know of anywhere where dark blue or white collored shirts that have no logos are. Its been really difficult. Also i heard one of my friends (who is really popular) is having to go to a back doctor and see if she needs a brace. I feel bad that she might need one but i kinda want her to have one so i dont fell so wierd about it. I think if she asks i might tell her about this website. Also i am worried about surgary. I havent heard any signs of having it but im nervous cause sometimes i take my brace off for like 8 hours att a time and i am supposed to be wearing it 18- 23 hours a day. Any tips on how to keep your self motivated to keep it on? my curve is 38 on top and 28 on bottom. In mu brace it is 28 on top and 13 on bottom. Is it a good idea to keep a journal or something? HELP with that! it is a bad habit to take it off!

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    This may help you, but maybe not. Through this website I heard that if you names your brace, it helped with wearing it because you felt connected to it. That's why I named mine.
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    Have you ever heard of SpineKids? It is a forum similar to this one, however, that site is mostly kids.

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    Heya, i got a brace about 4 months ago and at first it waz having loads of problems getting used 2 wearing it. At school i'm finding it a bit strange as no one knows apart from my closest friends! If constantly worried incase sumone else like one o ma boi m8s tries 2 hug me or sumthing n realises lol. Everyone that wears these fings seems 2 resort 2 baggy clothes! Im such a fashion concise person i just coodnt do dat! At the moment ive found quite alot of cool stuff i can wear. I recommend things like tops n then cut off jackets ova the top to hide the straps at the back, n also there r loads of fitted baggy tops out there in the shops now which r relli fashionable. Its hard 2 explain but they are fitted aroun the bottom but loose higher up n they r so useful. I'm glad my brace hasnt stopped me 2 much from looking good!! If anione else has any tips email me at

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