I am new to this site. I had surgery when I was 12 (I am currently 43). I have been a runner for the past 6 years. I have signed up to do my first marathon in early October. I have been experiencing pain in my lower back (left side) and was having shooting pains down to the calf area. Also, I was having tightness between the shoulder blades (feeling as if my chest was caving in). I don't remember which vertebraes were fused, all I can remeber is that I had two curves in my spine and a steel rod was inserted. I was a kid and don't remember the details of the curves just knew that a brace wouldn't help me and that my lungs would be in danger by the time I was in my thirties. Anyway, has anyone experienced these problems? Also, interested in knowing if there are runners out there and what stretches and excercises help them? I am seeing a physical therapist and am still hoping to do the marathon. Thanks for any advice or feedback!