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Thread: What to pack?

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    What to pack?

    Hey everyone I leave next Sunday for my surgery on Monday a.m. (Having it done about 3 hours away) I started thinking tonight that I have no idea what to pack for the hospital stay. Could anyone let me know what they thought was the most helpful, not necessary etc... I will be staying at a hotel the second week so if you can think of anything that I would wish I could have, entertainment, certain foods, clothing etc..please let me know...Thanks so much

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    You might find some help here:

    My advice would be to keep it very simple and sparse. I think many of us live in T-shirts and warmup suits.


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    Good luck !
    slippers, zippered or button down bathrobe, calming music cds and discman or Ipod, Ponds Clean sweep facial cloths, pictures of my family, socks, sneakers (maybe half a size larger because you will be swollen) cell phone
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    There is an old discussion thread on it


    If you go back to page 3 of old threads under this forum (1st time surgical), there is a thread started by Marcia titled "What essential clothing to pack for surgery & rehab" that is interesting to read and helpful. I am also making my list from it and the list Linda gave.

    I'm not bringing my bag up with me, however, as my family would have to hold it all day during the surgery, but am going to have my husband bring it up with him the next day after I am settled in my room. The stuff that you wear when you come in also goes in a plastic bag which they have to hold all day until after the surgery, I found out with my son's surgery. (Although it may be different with other hospitals).


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    The tooth cleaning thingies that you put over your finger and then rub on teeth are great for freshening up without having to go to the sink and bend over to brush. You won't feel like concentrating on anything with a plot for a few weeks, so just some soothing music is a great suggestion.

    The most important thing for me was silky or satiny sleepwear... turning over in the bed is sooo much easier if you have something 'slippery' on... of course while in the hospital, i just wore the 'backless wonder' gowns. By the way, lose your modesty... lol... surgery leaves no room for modesty at the hospital.. I just kept thinking.. these people (nurses and drs) will never see me again and even if they do, they'll never recognize me afterwards.... so i just concentrated on doing what i had to do and not fretting over the little things that i couldn't control.

    Good luck to you hon... I'll be thinking of you!

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    You have probably already left for the hospital by now, however I thought I would chime in just in case. I read all of the checklists and posts out there before I had surgery so that I would know what to bring as well. I ended up wearing a hospital gown for the majority of my hospital stay. I packed 1 nightgown, a pair of slippers, a zip-up track suit for the trip home, a snug cotton tank top to wear under my post-surgical brace (which by some miracle of God I did not have to wear), several pair of comfortable cotton undies, a pair of Keds (which slip on), and some general toiletries. This worked for me, anyway. I wish you the absolute best and a safe and speedy recovery. I will be thinking about you on Monday.

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