Gosh, I missed all the action. I got a response saying that scoliosis results from a fall on the butt- well in my case I disagree. I recently met up with my older (by 2 years) brother and his 2 daughters (now 15) and was shocked. My brother has one shoulder higher than the other, one scapula sticking out and has chronic back pain. My nieces have the same posture I have struggled to correct for years- very broad back with very rounded forward shoulders- it was like looking in a mirror. In my case, whatever I have, it is genetic I know that now.

I also know that massage is not the answer for me. Help me please, my spine is twisting- I need muscular strength and craftly well thought out stretches to keep it from twisting more. I am also afraid of massage, afraid of relaxing, lest this thing gets worse.

I am also so tried and so sad and so alone that people keep saying this is not scoliosis because there is no lateral curve. I am not crazy and I am not insane, this is happening and it hurts. I am so alone, I just don't know what to do, doctors look at me like a am crazy because they can't see in 3 dimensions- they can't see the torsion.

Anyway, thank you Rayknox for your prompt reply, I do appreciate it- but I have to say, from the depth of my being, massage and relaxation may be the worst thing for me right now. Menopause has triggered something with this- a decrease in strength or whatever. I have also just finished 10 sessions of chiropracty which loosened me up an insane amount and I feel I am much worse for it- my muscles feel like jello most of the time and then sieze up after a long day, but the jello feeling is new and bizarre and I think it result from too much "relaxation". If anyone else with rotational problems reads this- be very very careful of any sort of rotational "mobilization".