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Thread: Pain Med Help??

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    Question Pain Med Help??

    Hello, My names Tyler Weathers im 18, 5'7" 150 lbs, and i have 35 lumbar and 55 thoratic curves.
    Im Very active also tho, I was a 3 time state placer in oregon high school wrestling, and also participate in MMA (like cagefighting, UFC). I like being really active becuase i feel my curve progresses slower when im actually doing stuff. Being really active tho causes tons of pain all throughout almost every muscle in my back. whenever i ask a doctor what to do for pain all they tell me is take ibuprofen every day, well i take about 1500 mgs every day and it doesnt do squat, and pain disrupts my schoolwork in class because i figit a lot and try to stretch parts of my back... its also embarrasing. anyways i was hoping what anyone would suggest i could do for everyday pain at school for example.
    I appreciate any response.. Thanks

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    Hi Tyler, I don't usually get on this forum but was just looking around a bit. Before I found out I even had scoliosis (I was diagnosed at age 35) I used the Salonpas pain relief patches along with my doses of 800 mg ibuprofen. They gave me quite a bit of relief. (I was a dental asst. leaning over patients all day, owww.) It can't hurt to try them or any pain relief patch. You just put them over the spot that hurts. It doesn't take long to kick in. Or ask your Dr. for something a bit stronger then ibuprofen. Good luck. Suzy 43 3mos. post-op. Had 49* lumbar now 8*

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    re: Pain

    HI All. I have had scoliosis for as long as I can remember.
    Probably diagonsed when I was 8 years of age.
    Right now I am on 24 mg of acetaminophen with codeine.
    three times a day so that 72 mg.
    It kicks in for about one hour and then the pain comes back.
    I was diagnosed with having a double S reversed curviture. Since the initial diagnosis. I opted for the brace which in my opinion did nothing for the spine. My hips are uneven and as a result of that my right knee cartlidge is thinning to what the Dr's say is a 65 year old knee. Im only 35 now.
    Im also in pain above my hip bone from a fall that I took. But. b/c of the scoliosis the fall put me more out of allignment.
    Since then I have been to see an osteopath in Montreal. She has kept me in allignment and has really helped with the pain.
    Im in fact going for xrays on the Back, hip, knee joints in November. Then I am seeing a Dr. of some kind where my osteopath is. I hope they can give me new treatments. Im tired of the pain.
    The other thing that works for pain for me is electirc shock treatment.
    It numbs the area and brings it back to life especially if its swollen which my knee is from time to time.
    Nice to be on the board with people like me.
    Cheers Ari.

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    now then m8 i used to box, learned russian grappling, philipeno cali in general a full combat system. i was lean but had very large chest and shoulder muscles and in general was super fit. i used to beat out the pain on heavy bags or in sparring. then i got meningitus, i also have a low white blood cell count (neutropenia) so my body was hit hard. i'm now down to 11 stone and havnt been able to recover. when i was tested for meningitus i had to have a lumber puncture only the needle wouldnt go through my muscle. i was tense cos i hate needles so the doctor took her hand from the top of the syringe and the needle immediatly shot through into my spinal cord. i now have constant lower back pain weakening my core. because of this i havnt been able to train and have gradually become weaker. i am not even half the man i was 3 years ago. my scholiosis is now visable and extremely painful. my advice to anyone suffering from pain is to get relief. hopefully i'll be on oxycontin by thursday and back in the gym by saturday....good luck.
    by the way i found putting a heal lift in my trainer helped level my hips. this has slowed the progression of my scholiosis and has made walking much more plaesant. try it.

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    Whats going on man I train in MMA aswell and I also wrestled for 7 years. I have a 47 degree curve. I get pain after workouts but try and go to a chiropracter or do yoga.

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