I'm new here so Hi folks
I just found out today that my daughter (13, and has not started her period yet) has congenital scoliosis. She has been having back ache since January. I took her to the osteopath and the doctor who both looked at her and made little comment. Then about 3 weeks ago her right shoulder blade visibly popped into a different position, and the pain decreased a lot.
I saw an orthopaedic specialist today and got an x-ray. It confirmed that her 6th from top vertebra only half grew.
I donít understand how her shoulder blade seemed to suddenly Ďpopí out like it did, also 55 degrees seems a lot. He wants to do an MRI to check for cists but otherwise says come back in 6 months.
I am firstly worried that 55 degrees is a lot and that 6 months seems a long time.
I also wanted to know if anyone has had any good experiences by practising yoga or Alexandra technique.
Sorry to write such a long post but I am fishing for any general info.