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    Unhappy Wow.

    Hi, I'm Linda, I'm 14 and I just found out today that I have scoliosis. Although I suspected it before the doctor's visit and the x-ray. I don't know the severity of the curve, but I know it's in the upper area near my chest. It should already be medium curve, because you can see an uneven waist and shoulders and etc.

    I just pray, that I don't need surgery, or a back brace. But I guess we'll have to see. I'm absolutely terrified. I just wished I never had it.

    But oh well...I'm finding out the degree of the curve tomorrow.

    [EDIT] I found out that my curve is 20 degrees from T4 to T11 Not so bad, but I'll probably need a back brace.
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    hey linda!

    my name is lindsay and im 15. i've had scoliosis since i was 12. my curve is 45 degrees and im having surgery june 19 of this year. if you'd like to talk about anything or just be friends, email me at

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    you should all go to were the scoli teens go...
    Age: 18
    40TL curve pre op
    Posterior Spinal Fusion with Dr. Pablo Marrero
    San Jorge Children's Hospital in Puerto Rico
    June 7, 2006
    post op curve: 16

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    Thanks, and yeah I've been to spine kids.

    The 20 degree was diagnosed by my family doctor. But I went to the orthopediast yesterday, and in reality, my curves are 65 and 40 something....

    I never thought it was that bad. I'm going to have a surgery, but we haven't set a date. Oh god, how could I have believed that it was ONLY 20 degrees?
    [Name] Linda
    [Curve] 65* & 40*
    [Age] 15
    [Surgery] July 20, 2006
    [Post Op Curve] 13* & 14*

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    I hope this helps

    I posted this on another thread. There have been amazing advancement for treatment. In our daughters case we kept her so busy with basketball she didn't have alot of time to worry. Her quote while being preped to her doctors nurse when ask if she was if she was worried was "I am going to be asleep, you guys will be the ones with all the worries". Try to stay positive and healthy going into it.

    My daughter is 12 and has recently had the surgery.She plays open class AAU basketball. She has participated in 2 National Tournaments. 17th in the nation last year. She was diagnosed this past Christmas with 41 degrees Thoratic. It was noticed by her aunt , who also had the surgery 25 years ago at christmas. At March 21 pre-opt visit she was at 46 degrees. March 27 she had a 4 hour surgery. She is now between 0 and 3 degrees, best to worst. She was 5-6 now 5-8 and doing very well. Her Dr was Dr Schwartz from Indy Ortho Indianapolis and her hardware was Titanium Stainless Alloy (Horizon) provided by Medtronics. She had surgery on Monday stood and walked on Tuesday was released on Thursday 72 hours then went shopping on Sunday. 6 days post opt. She had 14 screws and 2 Rods. The Dr did not use donor bone , he scraped the vertabre and injected some sort of protein to promote healing. He is considered a leader in his field, check his bio at She came home only on T3 pain meds. Her case was considered A+ in both correction and recovery. We believe it was due in part to the shape she was in, she had her surgery 6 days after her school Basketball season was over. She has lost 5 or 10 pounds that she shouldn't have. but is doing great. With his method she did not have to wear a post opt brace. The only concern we currently have is avoiding contact and falls until late June. She plans on playing in her 3rd National Tournament in July. The speed at which she is recovering is scarey to my wife and I but she has given no reason to question. Everything has went as we were told. I believe physical shape going into surgery is very important, as well as eating well post opt and walking as much as possible. We believe we also had one of best Doctors available. Educate yourself and plan well and make a list of questions, and try to stay positive.

    Good Luck
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    Our biggest challenge was keeping our 17 year old high school basketball player slowed down long enough to heal after surgery. Her teacher caught her in the gym with a basketball when no one was around. He had to promptly scold her and escort her out of the gym. She would sneak into the gym every chance should could. I finally gave up and just let her do her thing. It made her happier and made me happier. Today, a little over one year, she is back to playing basketball and what we call driveway ball, which you all know is way more contact than a usual basketball game.

    So, the biggest question a lot of kids have is how much this will change their lives. From what I can see a year later, it hasn't changed our daughter's life one bit. She still does everything she did before, including lifting weights.

    Surgery is scary, but my daugther would tell you she would do it all over again if she had to.

    By the way, she had an 88 degree curve from T2-L2. Now, she stand straight as an arrow and is 2 1/2 inches taller.

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    my name is sarah nice to meet you!

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