thats what the nhs phisio said when i told him he didnt help me and was infact making me feel almost beaten up. i have seen two phisio's in the past and this was the first nhs phisio i had seen. he laid me on my side and pressed down on my rib cage, this made the lump on my chest bulge out and left me feeling bruised inside. suffice to say i never went back again.
i continued to visit my gp to tell him of the pain i was suffering and how the phisio didnt help. what shall i do i asked but the doctor had no answers. so i trained and beat out the pain on the heavy bag. i then fell ill with meningitus and when taken to hospital i was told there was nothing wrong and promtly sent home. 2 days of crippling head pain later and i couldnt move forcing the nhs to make a diagnosis. when being tested for the condition the top of the needle shot off and a needle was pushed into my spinal cord by accident. after 3 monthes i still couldnt bend without terrible pain. i paid 1300 for an mri to see what damage had been done. there is no evidence of damage i am told and for my money i got to keep the scans. the private doctor referred me to the pain specialist but i had no money left so i had to wait 8 months for my appointment. when i went and told them of my scoliosis pain they told me it was all in my head and that the research i had done into my problem was useless and that they basically wanted me out the door and the next nhs patient in!!!! the pain clinics phisio never had chance to give me any phisiotherapy as he spent the whole of two one hour sessions telling me how i would never get any help with pain relief or any other help but his. this was my worst case scenario and he drove all the hope from my soul. he even brain washed my girlfriend into thinking i was imagining the pain. this is too much my scoliosis started when i was 11 and i'm now 27 and it has been a 16 year nightmare that never ends. i have mild scoliosis but i have never been able to get a referal to see a scoliosis specialist. and by the way i once paid 90 to see a top chiropracter and the results of one consultation relieved me of all trapped nerves and i also gained half an inch in height. it didnt last but it was the only time i ever felt like i was getting help.