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Thread: Torn tendons???

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    Torn tendons???

    I'm 56 with degenerative scoliosis, DDD, OA, spondylothesis, kyphosis + lordosis -collapse particularly above and below my original thoracic fusion of 1964.
    Activities in January (helping my son move and mother in health crisis) resulted in excrutiating shoulder pain, limited arm function & restricted range of motion ... x-rays and ultrasound diagnosed tendons tears and calcific rotator cuffs of both shoulders. I suspect that this is a result of wear and tear, overcompensating for spinal deficits. ... I am disheartened.
    It's not like I was laying bricks.
    I am concerned that I may need to proceed to surgeries to fuse my entire spine in increments to bolster my core and take the strain off the rest of me.
    Has anyone else experienced this???
    Any wise thoughts?

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    You didn't say what your spinal curves are now. If it has been awhile you need to be seen by an adult scoli orthopedist. He would be able to give you an accurate assessment of what needs to be done.

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