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Thread: use of supplements and exercise

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    Question use of supplements and exercise

    I have two granddaughters (ages 15 and 13) who have been diagnosed with scoliosis - both under 20 degrees. Their mother is taking them to a chiropractor, who has done hair samples and blood samples. they have lots of supplements to take along with exercises. It's very expensive, but the chiro. says there's no need to go to an orthopedic doctor. Have any of you had experiences with a chiro. prescibing lots of supplements?
    Thanks for a reply. Anne Hughes

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    Mary Lou Guest
    From what I read, most doctors feel that you just "watch and wait" any curves under 20 degrees. If they were my children, I'd get them to a pediatric orthodic doctor as soon as possible so he can keep a close check on them. The 15 year old may be done growing and her curve may not progress, but the 13 year old may not be done growing and you need to know if her curve is progressing. Never heard of using supplements or anything like that for Scoliosis.

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    Ok, here goes Anne get your grandchildren to an orthopedic specialist trust me you won't regret it. My whole problem was because i kept going to a chiropractor and my back just wasn't getting better, my back kept getting worse over time! When I finally went to the orthoperdic specialist, my doctor was very helpful. Once a year I was givin x-rays to check up on the degree of my curve, he aslo gave me hints on what kind of exercises to do. When I first went to the specialist he didn't know much about scoliosis, but he took the time and spent a whole year researching scoloiosis. He found out that he was getting more and more people in for scoliosis so he had to do something. I went to the orthopedic specialist for about 10 years until about a year ago he said I wouldn't have to go back anymore because my spine didn't progress for two years, but he told me that if I have problems go back right away! So I would say it would be more helpful to get your grandchildren to go to a specialist right now and not regret it later on in life! Gina

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    Hi Anne...

    While I personally don't believe that there are really any alternative treatments that will permanently reduce scoliosis curves, I certainly respect a parent's right to choose treatments for their children. However, the fact that the chiropractor said that there was no need to take the children to an orthopaedist is a bit of a red flag. To me it means that either 1) the curves are so small that they don't require treatment at all (including chiropractic), or 2) the chiropractor doesn't want the truth to be known.

    Not that it's really important, but things lilke hair analysis and vitamins for the treatment of scoliosis is pure bunk. You can read about it here:

    You can read the abstract of a study that showed that chiropractic treatment had no effect on scoliosis here:

    Good luck convincing your child that the children need to be seen by an orthopaedist!


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