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    Everything linked!

    Lots of good topics here! Sorry, I didn't have time to read them. But I give you an answer: Everything is linked to SIJD, Si Joint Dysfunction. Other names: Si joint subluxation/syndrome.

    Scholiosis, disc problems, spondololythesis, fibromyalgia, MS,... once you correct that, you are about to become pain free! Ok, for those other diseases you need to correct all other subluxations too...

    Great links:

    And here in Finland only very few knows that method how to put the Si back to its place. I am lucky I found one some time ago...

    If anyone knows more Shaw, DonTigny or others, I am trying to collect them for my study of SIJD... I have more than 100 links to documents of SIJD, but I'm sure there is more... Those are the best!
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