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    Has anyone ever been diagnosed with one of these on a MRI of the spine or could tell me about it? What is considered a normal MRI?


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    Quote Originally Posted by whitney81180 View Post
    Has anyone ever been diagnosed with one of these on a MRI of the spine or could tell me about it? What is considered a normal MRI?

    At my pre-op appt Oct 27th my MRI showed two hemangiomas - one at T-2 and one at T-8. Dr. Lenke's nurse asked him about them and he said he wasn't concerned about them and was not planning to remove them. Are they always noncancerous? Is this something the MRI determines? I read that if they remove them they bleed A LOT so I'm guessing this is why he would leave them intact. Anyone else have these?? Did you treat them or leave them alone? Do they cause problems?
    Laurie Anne
    Age 30
    Pre-Op Curves T68, L80, Kyphosis 48 degrees
    Post-Op Curves both around 10 degrees
    Surgery with Dr. Lenke & Dr. Kelly 12/13/10
    Gained 2.5 inches now 5'9
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    Spinal hemangiomas are benign tumors consisting mainly of the overproliferation of blood vessels within the vertebral body itself. They usually don't cause any symptoms, and are only found incidentally during an exam for something else, like yours were. The cause isn't known, but there might be a genetic predisposition, plus more women have them than men.

    When they're asymptomatic and not pressing on nerves or narrowing the spinal canal, they are usually left alone. There are injections that can shrink them if they are causing symptoms, but surgery is the last resort because of the risk of bleeding. This is one of those things that is fairly common, but you can go your whole life without knowing you have them. But if you're worried, ask your doctor to explain more about them, and what might happen in the future, in view of having spinal surgery in the area of the hemangioma.
    Juliet, age 57
    37˚ lumbar and 35˚ thoracic with rotation
    Diagnosed at age 11 and untreated.
    Total degeneration of disc at L4-5, spondylolisthesis at L4, L5 sacralized.
    Surgery on 10/26/10
    Dr. Matthew Geck, Seton Spine & Scoliosis, Center, Austin, TX.
    University Medical Center @ Brackenridge Hospital.
    Posterior fusion of T11-S1, part minimally invasive; TLIF at L4-5.

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    During my MRI, I also was found to have a haemangioma. I think it was at either level L2/3 or L4/5 (probably L4/5). Neither my Neuro or Scoli Surgeon seemed to be concerned with it. They were more concerned with the fact that my curve had progressed 8 degrees in 8 months. Maybe they are, nothing to worry about unless they are causing problems and hence why, they were not really concerned. Don't worry too much, be guided by your surgeon. Best wishes.
    44 years young! now 45
    Surgery - June 1st, 2009
    Dr David Hall - Adelaide Spine Clinic
    St. Andrews Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia
    Pre-op curve - 58 degree lumbar
    Post -op - 5 degrees
    T11 - S1 Posterior
    L4/5 - L5/S1 Anterior Fusion

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    This is an interesting topic. My pre-op MRI also showed a hemangioma in one of the lower lumbar vertebral bodies. It was described as "sub-centimeter" in size. It was never mentioned to me and as far as I know did not cause any problems during surgery.
    Gayle, age 50
    Oct 2010 fusion T8-sacrum w/ pelvic fixation
    Feb 2012 lumbar revision for broken rods @ L2-3-4
    Sept 2015 major lumbar A/P revision for broken rods @ L5-S1

    mom of Leah, 15 y/o, Diagnosed '08 with 26* T JIS (age 6)
    2010 VBS Dr Luhmann Shriners St Louis
    2017 curves stable/skeletely mature

    also mom of Torrey, 12 y/o son, 16* T, stable

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    Interesting. I wonder if that condition is related to scoliosis.
    62/75 (T4-T9 68 degree & T11 - L4 80 degree) 10/19/2010
    45/50 year 2000
    36 yrs old
    Considering, researching surgery for the first time
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