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Thread: just need to talk about this

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    Unhappy just need to talk about this

    I'm 18 and just got to college, about two years ago I was officially diagnosed with a 56 degree curve. Surgery was an option but defnitely not something I wanted to go through at that time. I would have missed a lot of school and activities, and the thought of surgery is really scary to me. I did some physical therapy and got a long list of excersises to do.. but I don't do them anymore. I do go to the gym regularly and am noticing that it is getting easier to take deep breaths etc. But I'm really self conscious about my spine poking out of my back and I have horrible stretch marks horizontally across my back where the curve is. I've noticed recently that when I sit up straight or bend my back opposite the curve it pops like when you crack your knuckles... is that bad?

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    Don't feel bad--I'm 18, in college, and have not had surgery...I pop my back about 20-30 times a's just going back into place. It's normal. I have stretch marks on one little part of my back, on one side, from scoliosis, I guess I got lucky that all I have is one or two. I'm in on the exercise part, two. I have a specific workout, that I never fully complete. But doing some is definately doing more for my back than doing nothing physically. At one time I wanted surgery, it was the right choice not to...I'm glad someone else said no, too.
    Sarah Ann

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