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    Question Stockinet

    Wondering if anyone has heard of a stockinet or has used it. It is supposed to be like an ace bandage and is worn under the brace instead of an undershirt. Then the brace is put on and the stockinet wrapped up over the brace. It is supposed to be more comfortable than wearing a t-shirt under the brace and is supposed to protect clothes from being torn by the brace. Two people have mentioned this to me as something I should get for my daughter to wear under and over her brace. I'd appreciate any feedback!

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    My daughter uses the stockinets. The maker is I believe "Carapace". It is a 6 inch cotton tube. We ordered it from the company that made the brace for her. The company is charing us $34 for 25 yards.

    We've also tried Boston T and the different undershirts with no success.

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    If you can find a 100% cotton undershirt (not T-shirt) that fits tightly, I think that's the least expensive solution. If the fit is too loose, it can be painful where the fabric wrinkles. Your daughter's orthotist might be able to other options. Here are two garments:


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