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Thread: Can we expand the Forum Categories?

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    Can we expand the Forum Categories?

    I find the Forum categories very limitting. It is not coducive to interaction on a broad scale. It's more of a doctor/patient or ask/answer format. I don't have any questions but words of advice and experince for scoli people like myself. Maybe this is the wrong site for this kind of interaction but I wanted to give you feed back on what I think of this site.

    I am a 37 year-old Scoliosis patient who had a Harrington Rod inserted from T-2 to T-12 in 1982 when I was in 10th grade. I started exercising as soon as I was able and the benefit are immesurable. But it is only part of the recover process. There is also psychological and emotional recovery and more importantly acceptance and closure.

    Exercise is the only thing that has kept me physically healty for the most part. I do various extreme outdoor sports namely rock climbing and trail running and I am looking to encourage others that they can live a normal life and not feel different or odd about themselves. I have overcome physical, psychological and emotional impediments over the years living with this condition that I want to share my energy to others who may not feel so positive.

    So where on your site can interaction like this take place? If you don't want this kind of interaction on your site, I understand and I did my part by contributing a point of view.

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    Hi David...

    I personally think your message is fine exactly where it is. You might also wish to post a message in the Adult Surgical forum. I know that Joe thought long and hard about how to create topics. It's a lot tougher than one would suspect. :-)


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    Perhaps a general "Life with Scoliosis" category? I'm new here, and I wasn't sure what area to even look in, let alone post in. Surgery was definitely not the right category, but when non-surgical is listed alongside it, I assumed that the forum was strictly for discussions of alternative methods of treatment. Another advantage of a general sort of category is that people from both groups would have a common place to discuss general issues in dealing with the condition. As it stands, those who've had surgery are missing out on possible advice/support from those who haven't, and vice-versa.

    Just a thought.

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    Mary Lou Guest
    Hey David--You could always make your e-mail address available to people who want to talk to you personally. People have to start somewhere to get help, advice, and reassurance and this is the ONLY place that I have found to do so. I sometimes e-mail and ask very specific questions of some people, simply because it is too much to go into here. Please don't give up on this forum--we need to hear sucess stories like yours especially when some of us are considering surgery for ourselves or in my case, for my daughter.

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