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Thread: pictures of a 30 degree S Curve?

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    pictures of a 30 degree S Curve?

    I send out prayer requests via e-mail and want to include a picture of a 30 degree S curve so that my prayer partners have something to visualize. Can someone send me a picture or a link to one. I've been searching online for about 2 hours! Lots of interesting info, but no pictures worth using.

    How can I get a picture of my daughter's x-Ray? Thanks! Christle

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    pictures of xray

    Do you have a copy of the xray? I request copies when they take Billy's, and I have a file of them at home. Then I tape the xray to our overhead fluorescent light in the kitchen and then take a digital picture of it to upload to the computer. Prior to my digital camera I used the regular one to take photos, but it's much easier with the digital since I can see if it came out clear or fuzzy... I've also found it works better if you turn the flash off...

    As for ones online, the closest I found was a 46 degree S curve... ... Good luck!
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