I posted a message a few weeks ago about the messages that I was sending out in the private message program. I have finally gotten through the whole alphabet and have tried to pick out all who fit the age range I am working with (14 to 19) or parents of those who are 14 to 19. If I missed you, I'm sorry! You can still participate!

Anyways, I would still love to hear from some of you and get your input. I am very interested in your concept of body image, as people with scoliosis. (Body image is how you feel about your body---good, bad, ok, etc).

The site is not the most easy to navigate, I know. It is so very low-budget that I almost don't want to use it. But, low money and need to finish school tells me that I have to use it! If you have any questions about it, please do email me (stefgwade@hotmail.com).

And some have said that the text is in random places. It does not appear that way on the 4 computers I have accessed the site from, so I'm not too sure what to do about that. I can, however, send you paper copies of the questionnaires in the mail, if you would like.

So, if you have about 5-10 minutes, visit my site and consider completing the questionnaires. And if you are under age 18, have a parent look over the consent form and "e-sign" it first.

Thanks again for considering participating and a big thanks to those who already have!

Stefanie ---> www.geocities.com/scoliosis_study <----