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Thread: Boston Brace & Seamless Tshirt

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    Boston Brace & Seamless Tshirt


    I'm the mom of a new Boston Brace wearer who is a 12 year old girl. Where can we go online (or national chain) to get a seamless tshirt that won't bunch or fold and fits snugly? We are breaking it in this weekend . . . . taking it for a test drive, so to speak.

    Let me know if someone out there has already "been there, done that!"

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    My advice!

    Hey my name is Hannah. The shirts i wear are very comfortable and seamless so they don't get wrinkles. Ummm its like this really thin material. My mom just like cut a head in it and arms and i just wear that. Its kind of like the fabric i had to put on when i had to get plasterd for the brace. So its very nice to wear. I Wish ur daughter luck with her new brace. I will be praying for her as she starts wearing her brace. Its tuff, but i lived through it so she can too!!. Good luck!....oh yes, my e-mail is if ya wanna talk to me about anything. I would be more than happy to talk to ur daughter.

    -Hannah 13 IN

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    hey!! when i had my brace, my mom just bought the shirts from the doctor that made my brace. Its the same thing i wore to get it made!! it was really soft and fitted great!! and it had cap sleeves, where its like cut out under your arm!! well...if u have ne questions just email me at or u can reply here! k? ttyl LUV YA!!ellen
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    when i got my brace about 1 1/2 months ago, i was unsure what to buy and where to go under my brace. I found out that Mens Hanes seamless and tagless t-shirts work well. You can buy them anywhere! I got mine at K-Mart. They work really well, but I would suggest washing them a few times before wearing, as they are uncomfortable at first. Hope that helps!

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