It was my 5th grade year at school. The nurse walked in and said it was time for our scoliosis screening. I was a little scared but i didn't think i had it. BUt i was scared anyway because just the thought of maybe having it scared me. We were asked to put these little shirts on. They called eacho girl of my class out 1 by one. While i was in the stall i was sweating and shaking. Just to know that i didn't have it i ran my hand down my back to see if i had it. I noticed something unusual. I felt a slight curve. My whole body started shaking and i could feel my eyes fill with tears. And i said in my head, "Hannah, u don't have scoliosis calm down" It was finally my turn. The nurse asked me to bend over and act like i was diving. The nurse examind me a little longer than the girls infront of me. I was really scared. She said wait here sweety. I am gonna call in the other nurse. I felt my eyes fill with tears. A feeling went all through me, and i knew something was wrong with me. The other nurse came in with a metal tool. They layed it on my back and the icy metal gave me a feeling i will never ever forget. They started telling me that they would need to call my mom and have her schedual an appointment at the doctor to check out my back. They said other things to me but i didn't hear anymore of it i just cried the whole time. I was crushed. I thought my life was over. I walked into my class with the girl that waited with me because she wanted to comfort me. I was very glad she was with me. I am sure my teary eyes gave the whole class the answer that i did have scoliosis. I was sent to my town doctor and he sent me to a bone doctor. And then i knew i did have scoliosis and that i would have to get a brace. And now i am doing quite all right. Sorry this is so long! my hand hurts. If u want to know more just e-mail me at Thanks!

-Hannah 13 IN