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    My daughter had her first brace measuring today. We asked about the Spinecor brace. The Nuffield at Oxford used to offer this brace and took part in the early trials. They no longer offer it. Our Orthotist said that the results were not that good. She said it had been good in terms of compliance. We have looked at this brace and had a nice reply from the UK MD of Spincor. It appears the number of outlets offering the brace are reducing. I feel this is not a good indication for such a new product. We will continue to watch this developement before pushing futher to try it. The fitting for a custom brace at Oxford went well today. Our daughter liked the patterns offered and is not going for a plain hidden style. She is happy for it to be on show!

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    I spoke to the orthotist at our hospital yesterday and he told me that they were doing a study on the SpineCor brace a couple of years ago and when the company was sold to Biothorex in England, the British company abruptly pulled all funding for the study at the hospital. This seems to have been the case for a lot of centres that were in the middle of test trials. The reason behind this could have been due to lack of money, I don't know ? It really is a shame, because the brace does seem to hold promise. It's quite an unfortunate turn of events.


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