January 5 will be 11th year anniversary of my spinal surgery with Dr. Lenke and I will be celebrating! I will forever be thankful for Dr. Lenke's expertise in straightening my spine which has allowed me to continue to be active playing golf, tap dancing, bike riding, etc. At age 70, I actually won two golf tournaments last summer. I couldn't imagine before surgery that I would be able to play golf decently with my spine fused. I can also stand for limitless time with zero pain. Prior to surgery, I would be in pain after only a few minutes of standing.

For the year prior to surgery and several years after surgery, I was constantly on this forum for my own benefit and to also attempt to share my experiences with others. Most of the names today are no longer familiar except for Ed and Linda. Without the forum to communicate with those who had surgery before me and those who were awaiting surgery, I doubt that I would have had the nerve to elect to have major surgery. Best of luck to all of you whether you are contemplating surgery or recovering from surgery. My main advice is to be extremely selective in choosing your surgeon.

P.S. Last January, I saw Dr. Gupta (who replaced Dr. Lenke) in St. Louis. After check ups every January for 10 years, Dr. Gupta said I won't need to go back for 10 years.