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Well after many surgeries and a very horrific car accident here is one more problem.
After partial hardware removal in January I have had severe thoracic pain and balance issues.
This week I had an appointment with a scoliosis specialist. Again.
After new xrays there is evidence of sagittal imbalance. A full spine myelogram is ordered.
In the office notes by the neurosurgeon among many things he has written
C6-T4 hypnosis of -26 degrees. What does the negative mean?
He is saying from a combination of PJK and the bilateral C7fracture.
We discussed an upper thoracic osteotomy.
Another big decision. Walking is difficult
I also am faced with severe Sagittarius imbalance. I’ve also got at least couple herniated discs, severe nerve problems. Pain,is beyond belief! Laying down a lot. Wonder, has anyone had this kind of revision surgery? We’re talking about removing all my hardware and starting anew. I have got to do something or I’m gonna be in bed permanently!