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Thread: L1 burst fracture. With T5-T11 fusion

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    L1 burst fracture. With T5-T11 fusion

    Hey all,

    I have a T5-T11 fusion and had a burst fracture a while back. I'm doing pretty well, recovering, but I have pain

    Can anyone recommend a doctor that can give me a proper evaluation?I have seen a few already and they are trying to correct issues that I don't have problems with. Such as mild kyphophsis between t1-t5. Most doctors I have seen said that isn't the issue.

    I think I am a special case because I still have mild lumbar scoliosis and the fracture could make it worse and now cause hyper lordosis.

    I am in NYC and looking for a reputable conservative doctor who will consider the age of the patient first prior to fusing everything.

    Thank you

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    Hi Newjack...

    Sorry to hear about your injury. Here's some information that might be helpful, and that might lead you to someone whom you can trust for treatment:


    Good luck!

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