Hi All!
I'm considering getting an ALIF procedure for my flatback (L-5-S-1) as I have mentioned in a previous post. I am ruling out the more drastic wedge osteotomy as too risky, and I can't opt to get to the premiere docs who might have better success with such a complex surgery as I am on my own. I would have the ALIF done locally by Drs. Fry and Mendoza in Carson City Nv. I've had scoli films and MRI done, and am a viable candidate. Doc Fry thinks I "don't look too bad" as far as my flatback is concerned; but I'm not interested in "looking better" just want to walk more comfortably any distance (no walks around the block, etc.) I need a cane or grocery cart etc. to keep comfortably upright, and would love to be able to walk again unassisted, or at least improve my current status to the point of being more comfortable around my own house, standing in line at the Post office etc., without needing my cane chair to sit on, walking to and from a business to my car, etc.

I am meeting with the younger Doc Mendoza December 1st also, as Dr. Fry is in his 60's now, and doing more assisting these days. He says they have both done many of these procedures. He tells me a "cage" would be inserted, with the front part higher and back lower, so that is what helps correct the "leaning forward". Sounds good on paper!

Has anyone here had this procedure done relatively recently (with the latest tech, etc.) and been happy or unhappy with the result? Trying to get as much info as possible.

Sharon Colley