Yes this recovery is long and hard. I am not certain how many months out you are after surgery, but I can offer a few suggestions. Please check with your care provider if you question anything.
I have managed the last 5 surgeries without narcotics. In the earlier surgeries I had narcotics. I was sicker from the drugs than I was from the pain.
When I had the accident that broke my neck, we couldn't use any narcotics because it would cause severe vomiting. I could not get up a and the doctors could not take a chance .
So ,I used Tylenol, gabapentin and heat packs. Also meditation and deep breathing. It wasn't always easy but I did not have any side effects. For me the side effects were not worth it.
Talk to your doctor to see if you can use any Advil yet.
Also, you should be able to use warm water soaks. It truly helps. Don't beat yourself up too much. Give into the rest needed. You can try without the narcotics to see if your mind and body responds favorable.
There could be a few rough days, but after you will feel so much better