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Thread: scheduled for surgery - any information is welcome!

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    scheduled for surgery - any information is welcome!

    Hello everyone! I am a 47 yo female who was diagnosed at age 12. The first doctor I saw recommended surgery (I have no idea what degree curve I had then), but my parents took me for a second opinion and I ended up wearing a "Boston Bucket" brace for a year. I recall follow-up visits and rechecks over the years, the latter three being 5 years apart. After the last one, approximately 7 years ago, my orthopedic surgeon said my scoliosis wasn't getting better but it wasn't getting worse, so I was officially discharged. I don't recall many scoliosis treatment recommendations over the years, and wish now that the doctors would have suggested more. I received Chiropractic and Physical Therapy treatments off and on.

    After I was rear-ended in a car accident 5 years ago, things started to change and progress. Not only do I have scoliosis, but I also have bulging discs from the accident and my spine is twisted, causing a "back bump" or hump. scoliosis x-ray 2021.jpgMy most recent diagnosis is "collapsing spine" and I have a lumbar curve of 60 degrees and a thoracic curve of 39 degrees. L1 and L2 are bone-on-bone and I have lost at least 1.5 inches in height. I had consultations with two orthopedic spine surgeons this year - the first instantly recommended surgery with fusion from T2-pelvis and the second suggested I try another round of PT. I opted for the latter, and after a few months, I saw the second surgeon again who now recommends surgery from T9-L5 with screws and rods being connected to the pelvis.

    I am scheduled for surgery on November 30th and had my last visits with the surgeon and nurse this week - a 2.5 hour long video call with the nurse and a 2.5 hour visit with the surgeon at his office. I am looking forward to being able to complete everyday tasks (like laundry and washing dishes without having to lean on the sink) with little to no pain; but am nervous about such a major surgery.

    I would appreciate any tips for surgery/recovery preparation, words of encouragement, and prayers as I navigate this process. Attached is one photo, and I will add more later.


    scoliosis x-ray 2021.jpg
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