Hi, My name is Linda Foshee. I have thoracolumbar scoliosis. The lumbar is 50 degrees and the thoracic is in the upper 40 range. I have degenerative disc disease, osteopenia I believe a -1 but not sure and several other age related issues in the spine. The reason I am considering surgery is due to spinal stenosis. I have radiating pain in my leg, numbness, pins and needles, etc. I developed balance problems and trip frequently. Only one fall so far. The surgery will be from T-5 to the pelvis. Anterior and posterior. Health is pretty good. I am afraid to have the surgery but also not having surgery. If I fall and fracture my spine or hip, which is likely, I would need to live in a skilled nursing facility. I started PT almost two years ago and am committed to following the exercises. I walk almost daily. The pain comes and goes but is increasing in intensity. I’m not active, as in being out in the community, but I am involved with my grandkids and don’t want to lose the ability to play. I met with Dr Ames at UCSF (zoom). Plans to have surgery are moving forward. I’ve been reading a lot about scoliosis and spinal stenosis. I am aware of the risks. If you have any suggestions about having surgery or not please let me know. Thank you