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Thread: Back again needing more removal surgery

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    Back again needing more removal surgery

    So im back again, its been a few years since i was here last, by my recollection i think it was 2018 after i had my first lot of metal work taken out of my neck... Well, even more i playing up now with it all, yay for softer bones due to my NF1. Currently on the waiting list to be seen by a specialist clinic before im referred to a consultant near my new place of living as I've moved away from where i was when i lived with my parents.

    My question to you all is who has experience of multiple revision surgeries where they removed metal work? How did your body react and how long did you need to take out of work to fully recover. Mine won't be until 2022 (yay for covid and the NHS) at the earliest but I want to make sure I can go to my work place with something to make sure they can get cover for me while off. If anyone on here happens to be from the UK and knows of where a list of consultants can be foound that would be ace too!

    any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    my fusion is from c5-t12 (with a few fancy bits of work done by my amazing surgeon)
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