Hi all...
Haven't written in years, but I have had flatback since my original lower back surgery/fusion in 2005. It has been the bane of my existence, and I think about it constantly as it only hurts when I try to walk or stand upright without support, and for any length of time, haha. Of course I'm grateful that sitting mostly alleviates the discomfort, of course I know "it could have been worse", but losing the ability to just walk around the block--or even across a room without constantly fighting the pushed forward feel and muscle ache/strain is the source of most of my depression. I used to LOVE walking all over the place and did. I am now envious of those I see in real life, TV, etc. so easily enjoying what is no longer part of my life. I always thought it was something that would improve with time. I also developed kyphosis above the original lower surgery and fusion, and had a surgery/fusion for that with a different doc 5 years to the day of the original--so 2010. I somehow thought back then that that would also address the flatback, but of course it did not. I guess I handled all this better when I had the support of my former spouse.

Just wondering if anyone has had a good correction surgery, and if the recovery etc, is as harrowing as the others. I'm hoping maybe some advances in procedures make it a viable option for me especially at the ripe old age of 69. I am going to talk with my original surgeon Dr Mike Fry in Carson City, Nv. in a few months when he is available, and see what he has to say, though I have brought this up many years ago, and he always seemed to brush it off, never really acknowledging the saggital imbalance/flatback.
Also wondering if my result is just "the nature of the beast" --a complicated surgical fusion, or if less than ideal outcomes indicate one's doctor is inadequate somehow. I suspect he's not keen on the discussion as that would be admitting he didn't get it quite right. I'm trying to get it into my head (and accept it) that this is how I will be, and just let it be. So, I'll do all I feel I can, then see what my options are.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
Sharon C.