Hello all! I am new in this forum and I'm just learning how to post! I have developed a 58 degree thoracic curve right and a 44 degree lumbar curve. I'm having trouble standing for extended periods of time and walking is uncomfortable for any extended period of time. I've had SI injections which have helped some but not totally.
It is my understanding that any partial surgery would only end up in another surgery in a while. My doctor is suggesting a fusion from SI to the thoractic area, not sure which level. It would be a huge lack of flexibility.
I also have other health issues-osteopenia, Sjogren's syndrome, interstitial cystitis and fibromyalgia. I'm to start Evenity for bone building soon. I naturally have many concerns about doing the surgery, but also I have many concerns about not doing the surgery. I really would like to maintain my ability to stand and take walks. And I am aware my curvatures are progressing.
I understand along with a lack of flexibilty there can be issues of personal hygiene.

Just wondering if anyone can relate to my situation? What questions should I be asking my doctor? I'm doctoring at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.