Ok, big T curve and your lumbar must be in good shape....down to L1 sounds pretty good.

Have you seen this video? I posted a few weeks back.
Stop at :52 Look at his waist in relation to his arm pits. OMG
My back hurts just watching this video...I have to lay down now (and I am fully fused!) Ha ha

This pretty much proves that maintaining a strong core is essential. My core was rock hard from skiing years ago, but, you know how it goes.....I hung in there as long as I could.

I hope you are vaccinated. If not, ask. I don't think it would be a great idea not being vaccinated with implants. Staph or any of the bugs could take over. There is limited material on COVID vaccines and implants. (Immunity dropping from COVID and having staph and or p-acne biofilm and colonies multiply).

Sept 7th is coming up fast. Your not doing this alone are you?