I was 11 yo when Dr. Phillips diagnosed me with scoliosis. At the appointment where he gave me the diagnosis he also informed me I would need to wear a brace. At this point I started to cry. I had a miserable time in school and didn't want to wear the brace because I would be bullied about it. A soon as I started crying and curled up on the examine table he flipped and became cruel and verbally abusive. He said he "never had seen anyone react like this" and "what is wrong with you" and "sit up now." He was horrible and my mom just sat there in shock. This was the last appointment I had with him. We moved out of the area. He had unrealistic expectations of an 11 yo. I didn't understand what scoliosis was or what it even looked like. I never paid much attention to my back and he never showed me a photo of scoliosis or an example brace. My 11 yo mind couldn't process what was happening and he did a piss poor job of communicating my condition on a level I could understand. In the years since I'm quite confident he has encountered other kids upset about wearing a brace. I can't imagine he hasn't! I think he is missing an emotional chip and should NOT be working with kids. Years later I'm still traumatized by how he treated me when I was so scared and upset. I do not recommend him.