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Thread: Dr. Geck in Austin

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    Quote Originally Posted by titaniumed View Post
    CT's are easy peasy....I have done a few CT and MRI rides over the years for various reasons.Ed
    I agree that regular CTs and MRIs are easy, but it's the contrast and myelogram (spinal tap) that I am very anxious about. That's a whole other experience.

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    Wow, you've been through a lot! Thank God it was successful.

    I have put it off for a while while doing my due diligence with other treatment options, but those other options cannot fix the curve and twist in my spine. I understand what you mean about feeling the twist. I am in pain daily and look forward to a positive outcome after surgery. The Myelogram was difficult for me for a few reasons, so now having to do it again is hard for me, but I will make it through. And it is required by the surgeon as part of the pre-op clearance.

    Thank you for your response!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LindaRacine View Post
    Did Dr. Geck say what was done incorrectly? I'm guessing they didn't visualize the correct levels. -Linda
    I was told that the contrast was too viscous. I pray they get it right the second time.

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    Maybe you can try a different hospital to do the test. You can request a disc and bring it to your surgeon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scoliosisstory View Post
    Wow, you've been through a lot! Thank God it was successful.
    I guess so....2007, 2008, and 2009 were busy years for me as far as surgeries are concerned. The scoliosis procedures were substantial for a 2 day stage, front, then back, I guess my surgeon felt I could handle it. It all worked out...I used up all my prayer allowance.

    You will get through that 2nd tap.... They made me roll over twice and then wait about 20 minutes before laying in the machine. They should keep a pogo stick available for mixing purposes. (More Radiology room humor) Ha ha
    Thinking about this, it's been almost 20 years since I had that test....

    How big are your curves? Are you an idiopathic? Male, Female, Age? How long have you been hanging in there? I waited 33 years for my surgeries. Since I was 16 every single doctor told me I would have my day, including my Chiro's. It was also a whole different scene years ago and I also need to be fused to the pelvis, which they don't like doing on young people....I was also a very active skier and was in great shape except for my spine....I waited for technology to advance which it did over the years.

    On the subject of CT, scoliosis surgeons do use "O" and "C" arms during our surgeries which is live flouroscopy so they can see things as they operate. Some doctors also use CT scans and operate through a heads up display which is also a great tool. I had flouroscopy burns on my hips with all the extensive lumbar work I had done. It was like a bad sunburn. This comes with really long surgeries....some up to 12 hours.

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    My x-rays

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