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Thread: Other Surgeries to Fix Scoliotic Problems

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    My adult onset scoliosis was mostly my lumbar - I am fused T11-Sacrum. 4 of my lumbar discs were basically dried up and gone - but I still had a little bit of my L4/L5 disc. I ended up rupturing that and so I had the nerve pain all the way to my foot. After awhile, I couldn't stand for more than 2 minutes without horrible pain and same for walking - I could barely go 1 block without pain.

    At the time, I had 2 daughters engaged and I wasn't willing to have my fusion surgeries before their weddings in case I had a "bad outcome." 4 months prior to the 1st wedding, I had a discectomy to relieve the sciatica pain. It did help somewhat. (of course I still had tons of back pain from bone on bone and all sort of other issues but at least I could walk).

    In the 11 months before the next wedding, I could tell I was getting worse. I believe the discectomy destabilized my spine and made me worse. At the time, my surgeon said "This is a bandaid surgery. If you choose this option, I guarantee you I will be seeing you again." But, he understood my predicament and was OK with my choice.

    So, you can probably have a smaller surgery and relieve some pain, but in my experience it did make my spine "crumble" faster....

    Isn't it terrible when surgeries interfere with big events in your life.
    Was your scoliosis entirely adult onset? You didn't have a trace of it before, or you just didn't realize it?
    I think I had mine all my life but the curve increased very slowly if at all for a long time. It got bad when I approached 50, probably worsened by general deterioration of the skeleton from age. Then the curvature increased noticeably. Then I felt symptoms.
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