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Kathy, I was 10 years older than you when I had my surgery and I probably should have gotten it done sooner, by your age.
I thought they never straightened curves as small as 32 degrees but waited until they got larger. Or is pain the determining factor, maybe it's teens that wait until their curve gets larger? I forget what Linda said.
Definitely the pain was the determining factor. And, I had they prominent slippage that was very painful which needed to be dealt with. I didn't have any good discs left from L1-S1 and my curve was getting worse by the year. So, with the pain level being so high and the spine continuing to degenerate, I really didn't have a choice other than fusion with hardware.

Also for me - my pain level had gotten bad enough that my quality of life was being affected. It was affecting my mood, my social life - everything. I was basically starting to have no life. That's when they know it's time for surgery. Unfortunately, I had to wait for the 2 weddings to be over. So, I just continued to do everything I could to stay healthy and in shape for the surgery.