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I wouldnít say I feel an increase in pain when I lift but more so tightness in my low lower back and pelvis. I am technically still in the no BLT zone of recovery so I donít lift much. My carrying weight limit is up to 20# though, but I donít push it. Iím listening to what my body tells me I am ready for, if and when it is. I think the greatest weight I have carried is 2 milk jugs one in each hand.
I do feel pain when I lift even a few pounds and the pain is in my upper back, not lower. But I'm talking about lifting and carrying something at chest level, not carrying milk jugs down by my sides. How much does a jug weigh anyway? So you are doing some physical work at the dairy when you said you wouldn't? You're bad.

As Linda said, it would be interesting to hear about your recovery as it progresses. I think there are comparatively fewer surgeries for people your age. Seems like you hear about either children/teens or older people whose skeletons are degrading and exacerbating their scoliosis. But not so much people in their 30's.

You seem to be showing quick improvement. More like a teen than an older adult.