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It is very difficult to be in your place. And all you are trying to do is move forward with your life.
I would say this physician may not be the correct one for you. Not only will you need support from friends or family, you need support and confidence in your surgeon.
There are so very many things to consider in surgery timing The virus has changed a lot of things.
Also remember you may need a post hospital rehab center and that bring s concerns.
If they aren't answering the phone they may be dealing with illness also.
Try again and good luck.
Now that things have "opened up" in most states, the doctors trying to catch up on surgeries that weren't quite emergencies but were urgent and were put off because of the virus. I can't get an overdue follow-up appointment right now.

You're so right that you need confidence in your surgeon and it's good if you can relate well to them. Maybe Dr. Gupta is not the best fit for Scared.