Haven’t been on forum for awhile but check in every so often. Have posted as single older person getting ready for surgery. My return appt w/ dr Gupta in January resulted in delays for my surgery then this virus hits. I have been suffering from chronic pain both from Scoliosis (30 degrees thoracic & 40 Lumbar) + Degenerative disc disease for a long time. When I read about others stories I am amazed at how you survive the pain. I’v never been able to tolerate pain. Presently I have a new type of pain in thoracic area. I am on short acting opioid since last September to do PT but have continued to use because nothing else helps. I have concerns staying on opioid for a long period of time (am well educated about addiction). I can feel my curves lying down on my back. This new pain started a couple of days ago. Given it will probably be 2 yrs for a vaccine to be confirmed for the Coronvirus I will be about 66. I am pretty sure I’ not going into a germ invested hospital until a proven vaccine is confirmed. Does the increase of curvature result in more pain? I don’t know how to handle it. Advice appreciated.