Hello everyone,

I'm back after several years of not having a computer. I'm posting in this section because I've opted not to pursue surgery. I have developed osteopenia and my curve has been stable in the upper 40's lower 50's depending on who reads the radiographs. I couldn't keep up with posting after my computer fried. I was too cheap to buy a new one since I could do my essential tasks from my phone.

My HMO hospital hired a new scoliosis surgeon whom I was not impressed with. In "his" professional opinion anyone over the age of 25 is too old to be having this surgery. If you ask me, that just goes to show the degree of his skill level, which is low.

I came to the decision on my own not to have this surgery. A surgeon at Mayo Clinic in Rochester was willing to do the surgery, but over the years my neuromuscular disease has overshadowed my health concerns.

My major concern is the degeneration of my neck, for those of you familiar with my case already know, is involved in my extremely high left thoracic curve. I know I will have to eventually have to have some sort of intervention there due to 4 bad discs, but not at this time. I don't know what to expect on that front because of the cervical curvature, but I will address that in the surgical section if/when the time comes.

I just wanted everyone to know I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. My son just gave me a new computer!

So hello to all... I still see a multitude of familiar names. ;-)