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    Good Day, I had surgery most recently by Dr Gupta in St. Louis after my initial rods broke from Dr Lenke. Dr Gupta insisted that he replace ALL of my hardware and Iíve never been the same since. Iím in horrible pain. I get muscle spasms so bad it will knock you on your knees. Iíve missed work so much I canít tell you. Iíve contacted Dr Gupta and all I get is ďnothing I didĒ from him. Iíve contacted Mayos, they wonít see me, although they said they could see I have a problem. Really?! I went to Minneapolis, nothing to offer me I was told. I went to see Dr Lenke and he said he could see why I was in so much pain and heíd be glad to take care of me. Then, I fly home, his nurse calls and says I need to go back to Dr Gupta and pain mgt. Iím NOT going back to Dr Gupta. I am soooo frustrated! I do not know where to turn next. This pain increases my BP so much, Iím really scared! No one should have to live this way! Thank you for allowing me to post here. I tried to attach 2 xrays. First one is from initial surgery ten years ago with Dr Lenke. Second X-ray is most recent X-ray after my 2nd surgery with Dr Gupta.
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    Rita Thompson
    Age 46
    Milwaukee Brace wearer for 3 years in childhood
    Surgery Mar 1st - 95 degree thoracic curve
    Surgery by Dr. Lenke, St. Louis, MO
    Post-surgery curve 25-30 degree

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