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Yes Ed I agree that hot water therapy does seem to help. I also use with caution heating pads.
This under the displaced scapula pain can be described as something rubbing on a nerve or scrapping on a bony structure.
Changing positions from laying to sitting or standing is a scream affair. Once upright it gradually gets better.
I almost ask what is next.
The medication in the pump does not reach this area.
Scream affair.....I have had a few of those. Many of us here can relate. Nerve pain can be especially difficult to deal with.

Funny how with my sciatica pain years ago, I would have a massage, get out of pain, go sit in my car, and have it start right up again. Pain right back on the red line. It was a signal that something was seriously wrong.....If you can't recover or heal quickly like in the younger years, it's a signal that surgery is probably needed. (With surgical sized scoliosis patients)

Sigh...We need saliva test kits that are immediate....I think this will happen soon. After this happens, it's the only way to know a facility is COVID free, by testing everyone that enters the facility. Once this happens, then doctors can eliminate the COVID question (In the facility)

Jackie, you say the pain pump is not in the scapula area. What do you think about the pain pump? (for spine)

What do you think about the pain pump vs the ketamine treatments?

When you eventually have the scapula fusion procedure, can they run a line over to the scapula area? Might be a question you might want to ask.