I was a teeth grinder.....after my surgeries that stopped.

I have had 3 occurances of infection on a 2nd molar and both my dentist and perio recommended taking 500MG X 3X per day for 10 days. And yes you are correct for dental visits usually requiring a small dose 1-3 pills before your visit. (Without a dental infection) I am forgetting these things since its been 12 years for me. There are a few dental threads that were done here on NSF around 10 years ago....1or 2 pills probably isnt a problem but taking full bottles is concerning. I have no problems getting full bottles of amoxicillan from a dentist. They just call it in.

Scoliosis surgeons try to cover the main complications before you go in....I was guaranteed 100% that something would go wrong. Of course they cant cover everything. Linda has scoliosis surgery complication lists posted here on the forum. Use search.

Did you ever post your x-rays? Just wondering....