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Thread: Not all Rods are Harrington, also Dr Nuzzio pediatrics

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    Not all Rods are Harrington, Dr Nuzzio pediatrics

    Many people associate spinal hardware with the old Harrington system. "I've got Harrington Rods" "No you don't". Post your x-rays, lets take a close look.

    This is incorrect. The Doctor has labeled it a Harrington and its a Luque (I suspect this as a foreign language interpretation problem)

    Not all Rods are Harrington

    First Generation: The original Harrington system had 2 rods. Distraction and Compression. The distraction rods had the tapered (barb) sections up at the top which was the area where the top clamp was located using a split washer (Adjustable) The bottom used an o-ring groove (or machined collar) to support the bottom clamp.(Non-adjustable) The compression rod had a long threaded section and they used nuts to adjust those multiple clamps. Both Distraction and Compression rods used clamps. The whole Harrington system can be seen in the 2nd x-ray in the article. (X-ray with 2 cross members) above #13

    Second Generation: The Luque system consisted of 2 "L" shaped rods. This system used wires. Some surgeons also used hooks with this system

    I have attached examples below. Harrington, Luque, and Hybrid set-ups.

    Dr Nuzzio talks about braces and hardware systems. He works with kids, kids with severe problems. I would take my child to see him. I think Dr Errico went down to Florida. Both are incredible surgeons....

    Please realize that the Harrington and the Luque system are hardware systems of the past. Dr Harrington invented his rod system in the 1950's to combat Polios in Houston. I believe around 1960 these systems were first used. Dr Luque invented the Luque Rod system with wires. He was looking for a system since bracing in the heat of Mexico City is difficult for the patient. He launched his system in the mid 1970's.

    The modern spinal systems are far superior which is what they use today.

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