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Thread: My daughter at almost 10 years post fusion

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    My daughter at almost 10 years post fusion

    One of my twin daughters was fused on 6 October, 2009, almost 10 years ago. Ten levels... T4-L1.

    She has been doing a fisheries biology internship with a Federal agency out west. This position requires 10+ mile hikes to remote camp sites carrying heavy equipment, staying out for many days at a time, wading in streams on slippery rocks, etc.

    During one of these long, remote trips, her foot became extremely painful due to EXTREME overuse of her pronated ankles. (Her sister requires an ankle brace for the same condition that she wears daily.) On the same trip, she also fell in a stream and dislocated her shoulder. While she was able to reduce it herself, she lost use of the arm during the rest of the trip. She was crying from the pain of that.

    The pronated ankles and dislocations are due to her hypermobility. Both her and her twin sister are being monitored the rest of their life for aortic enlargement in case they have Marfans. They don't have that diagnosis at the moment.

    One thing that never bothered her on these remote treks was her back. I hope kids who are being fused can take hope in this vignette.
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