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Thread: Scoiosis, Hydrocephalus -- and Probably Both

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    Scoliosis, Hydrocephalus -- and Probably Both

    A long time ago (1959) I was diagnosed with severe idiopathic dorsal scoliosis and underwent (very successfully) the "heavy duty" treatment (body cast and spinal fusion) recommended at the time. But beginning about five years ago, I experienced difficulties descending, rather than climbing stairs, and a less-steady gait, especially when carrying something, The preliminary diagnosis was adult-onset Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) -- what used to be called "water on the brain" -- but the condition did not intensify very much until I took a fall on my basement steps and suffered a blow to the head about four months ago.

    Cases such as mine are often treated by installation of a surgical shut to divert excess cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), but my neurosurgeon wisely recommended both a lumbar puncture (virtually painless -- a pleasant surprise) and when the usual immediate, but only temporary improvement in symptoms failed to materialize, a 48-hour continuous lumbar drain with the same result. Surgery has therefore been indefinitely postponed, and the current strategy is to investigate the possibility of myelopathy (interference with spinal cord function); if this were to be addressed without improvement in mobility, the option of a second set of lumbar procedures and shunt surgery would remain open.

    So I'd like to know if any fellow scoliotics have encountered this condition, and their experiences -- thanks in advance!
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