Well I haven’t updated on my spine in a while. It’s been 9 years since I went under the knife for my scoliosis. I remember the day I had my surgery I was scared and excited at the same time. I was thinking geez after 7 year of dealing with this I’m finally getting it surgically corrected. I was taken to the OR around 9:45 am. The surgery took place at UC Davis Medical center it was preformed at the time Dr Gupta who since moved back to the Midwest. The 1st 5 days after surgery I don’t really remember. I pretty much only remember the last day the hospital. I was had standing x-ray films, I meet with Dr Gupta, had my last PT session. I had multiple follow up appointments my most recent was actually more of a emergency. I slipped in the bathtub and the fused area of my spine bent forward. Every thing checked out fine. Now my family probably found out what caused my Scoliosis.