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Thread: Car Accident

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    Car Accident

    Hi there,

    It's been a long time since I posted. I am one of these people who had a good outcome, moved on with their lives and rarely check this forum anymore. I am 6 years post-op and doing great. This Monday, I was rear-ended on freeway. It was my first accident since the surgery and oh boy, was I scared! Happy to report that I am OK, my hardware is intact. I just got a headache next day, went to my PCP to get checked, got X-Rays done and all is fine. My doctor didn't even see a need for physical therapy. A few Tylenol pills took care of my headache.

    I was driving 2018 Honda Accord and I am glad I wasn't in some small flimsy car! If at all possible, I would suggest folks here to drive good size cars that perform well in crashes.
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    Hi Irina, Glad to hear you are ok....Car accidents are scary.

    My scoliosis was discovered after a car accident. A 1967 Chrysler Newport was my scoliosis screening machine! We hit a tree at 25MPH which came right up to the dashboard like it was nothing and that car is a old school tank! Its like crashing in a dumpster when you think about it. Ha ha I was in the back seat without seat belts.

    You have done well with your surgeries!

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    Like you, I have had a good outcome from my surgery and seldom check the forum when I used to read posts several times a day. I am glad you’re okay after the car wreck. I remember er your posts from several years ago. I am almost 9 years post op.

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    Glad that you are OK! I was a passenger in a car that was rear ended at a red light. Instant headache, but no long term problem. Take care of yourself.
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