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Rita, right now, this is a local problem. Dr Lenke's office will tell you to deal with it locally. I would wait till this emergency is over.

If you call Dr Gupta's office, don't leave anymore messages, call until you talk with someone, tell them you are having elevated lung related pains and are having problems dealing with it, you need to see someone quickly, today. now. You have to be assertive on the phone. Don't you have his nurses or assistant's phone number? This establishing of contact, communication method is important.

Your not flu or cold sick are you? Its been colder than Antarctica in your neck of the woods lately.

Hi Ed,

I am new on here and cannot figure out how to post a new thread. I had surgery 16 mths ago with Dr. Lenke. I am having horrible pain and all of my tests are showing that things are fine. I feel that my pain is coming from the hardware. Do you know anyone who has had their hardware removed, completely? and who they used to remove it? I am discussing this with Dr. Lenke as well. I cannot live like this without exploring all options.

Thanks for you help.