Hello all,
I wanted to share my recent experience in recovery. My surgery was May 2016.
While I am fully recovered by the surgeon's standard, I have been frustrated with not having the strength I had before surgery. I tried multiple rounds of physical therapy (I could not find one with full spinal fusion experience.) Then, I tried working out on my own at my local gym, but they treated me like a senior citizen. (Maybe in age, but not in spirit.)
Last October out of desperation, I signed on with a personal training gym. The owner's wife had full spinal fusion and he knew exactly what I was talking about.
So after these few months, I am touching my toes and lifting 44 pounds. My strength and flexibility have improved dramatically, although still not 100%. I have a ways to go, but finally feel hopeful I can get back to "normal."
Even so, I feel better than I have in many years.
I was fully cleared for all physical activity after one year. I think I was scared to push myself and break something.